Engaging students through esports!

If you need more information, contact us at 865.429.9123.


Division 1 – FTE 10,000+

Division 2 – FTE between 5,000-9,999

Division 3 – FTE 4,999 and under

ANNUAL DUES (per institution)

**SLICE Dues are WAIVED for APCA Members!
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Division 1 – $1,500

Division 2 – $1,000

Division 3 – $750


SLICE will host esports tournaments at APCA 2020 programming conferences. Below is a list of upcoming APCA conferences:

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  1. SLICE will develop an esports tournament in conjunction with normal APCA events onsite, built around the APCA schedule so as to minimize interference with APCA events.
  2. We seek to educate schools on holding esports tournaments at their campuses as an engagement technique for at-risk and marginalized student populations.
  3. We intend to develop a network of campuses and students within the APCA community that will compete for titles in various esports games.
  4. SLICE intends to train associates on the importance of offering esports options as part of their novelty offerings.

Tentative Schedule of Events for 2020
National Conference

The SLICE esports events will be scheduled around all APCA major conference events (i.e. showcases, exhibit halls and cooperative buying), in order to avoid attendance conflicts with APCA events.  The majority of esports preliminary rounds will be held on Thursday evening. Participants are strongly encouraged to arrive Thursday afternoon. Friday and Saturday esports events will be remaining preliminary rounds and semi-finals for the various games being played, and the esports finals will be held on Saturday evening. The National Tournament is for the SLICE National Championship and will have a modified schedule, please review the schedule below.



6:00 PM Conference Registration
8:30 PM Coaches/Captains Meeting 


9:00 AM Conference Kick-off (ALL)
9:30 AM Student Keynote
10:00 AM Educational Sessions
11:30 AM Lunch on your own
2:00 PM Competition Block 
5:30 PM Dinner Showcase (1v1 Smash)
8:00 PM Competition Block 


8:30 AM Educational Sessions
11:30 AM Lunch on your own
2:30 PM Competition Block
6:00 PM Dinner Showcase (1v1 Smash)
8:00 PM Competition Block


8:30 AM Educational Sessions
11:30 AM Lunch on your own
2:30 PM Competition Block
6:00 PM Dinner Showcase (1v1 Smash Finals)


The games for the 2020 SLICE Tournaments are:

• Super Smash Bros 1v1
• Super Smash Bros 2v2
• Fortnite 1v1
Rocket League  2v2
Please note: We are not offering League of Legends for play at this time.

The winner in each event will be designated as the regional SLICE champion for that game. All 2019 regional champions will have SLICE fees waived for participation at the SLICE National Tournament, to be held March 5-8, 2020 at the APCA National conference in Orlando, FL. The regional winners will automatically qualify for semi-finals at the National event, with no qualifying rounds of play required. Visit apca.com to register for a conference.

Registration Guidelines

ALL esports contestants must be registered APCA delegates attending the APCA regional conference where they are competing.

Registration Policies

All teams would need to register individual students by school, name, and game played.  Players may participate in multiple games, but each player will need to register separately for each game.  Registration may be done online or onsite, but advanced registration is highly recommended. Space is limited. For assistance, call 865-429-9123.

The cost for participating:

In addition to delegate fees, APCA esports add-on registration will be $20 per delegate/per game (advance), $35 per delegate/per game (onsite).  Onsite registration closes Friday at 9:00 am.

Each player must pay for a registration separately, even if competing in a group esport (i.e. each member of a SLICE League of Legends team will have to register and pay $20. Any of the same delegates wishing to play Fortnite would have to pay an additional $20 to participate in the SLICE Fortnite tournament).

SLICE Tournament Policies

All SLICE events are governed by the APCA designated hosts.  All decisions on any game outcomes, changes to or establishment of SLICE tournament rules, ejection of players, modification of rules, or any other matters associated with the tournament are at the sole discretion of the APCA designated SLICE hosts.  All SLICE participants agree that they will abide by any rules put forward by designated APCA hosts of said event.

All SLICE registrants must be sponsored by a school attending the APCA Regional Conference and be chaperoned by a school staff member to participate in SLICE tournaments.

All participants agree to forever indemnify and release from any liability any APCA or SLICE representatives, vendors or participants, any host facility, volunteers or any other persons in any way affiliated with the APCA conference, SLICE tournament or any related events held in conjunction with them.